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The Best 50 Gallon Electric Water Heaters for 2023

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

If you want a more energy-efficient water heater for your family of five, only the best 50 gallon electric water heater will do. It costs less to purchase, is more straightforward to install, eco-friendly, and hassle-free to maintain. You can never ask for a better combination.

best 50 gallon electric water heater

Shopping for the most trusted 50-gallon electric water heater is not always easy because almost all products look similar. Therefore, buyers must assess each prospect and determine the following crucial factors.

  • First-hour Rating: Electric products heat the water more slowly than gas-powered units. Hence, buyers must be selective when shopping, opting only for 50-gallon electric heaters capable of producing more hot water in the first hour of operation (i.e., 70 gallons vs. 60 gallons).
  • Recovery Rate: Nobody wants to wait in the shower for the water to heat after someone else use it. A 50-gallon electric water heater’s recovery rate describes how much hot water it can produce in an hour with continuous hot water consumption. In short, it is recommended that buyers pick a water heater with a higher recovery rate (i.e., 60 gallons per hour vs. 45 gallons per hour).
  • Uniform Energy Factor: As a rule, the closer a 50-gallon electric water heater’s UEF value is to 1.0, the more energy efficient it is. Most experts recommend an energy efficiency rating of at least 0.90 to optimize the product’s water-heating capabilities without jacking up your electric consumption.

The only thing you need now is to learn how to choose the top-tier 50 gallon electric water heating system for your household.

Top-Rated Products

Best Overall

AO Smith ENS-50


Most Durable

Rheem PROE50 T2 RH95


Best Value for Money

Bradford White BWC 


Table of Contents

Top-Rated 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Reviews

1. AO Smith ENS-50 Electric Water Heater

Most fifty-gallon electric water heaters are tall, measuring about 5 to 5.5 feet high. Getting the A.O. Smith ENS 50 ProMax should never be an issue, even if you decide to place it in a 5-foot vertical space.

This 50 gallon short electric water heater happens to be only 49.25 inches high. With a 23-inch diameter, the A.O. Smith ENS 50 ProMax makes it more compact than other electric water heater systems on the market.

I like this product’s first-hour rate of 62 gallons. You can have more exciting showers while your wife is busy doing the laundry and your kid is running the dishwasher. It heats and recovers fast enough that running out of warm water will be the least of your worries.

I love the DynaClean and CoreGard anode rods with stainless steel core because they complement each other in improving the tank’s corrosion and limescale-formation resistance. The DynaClean technology also ensures you get maximum output from your faucet or showerhead.

The heater only uses two 4,500-watt heating elements with a maximum wattage rating of 6000 watts. You will never have to worry about costly energy use.

My only comment is its energy factor rating of 0.92. I have seen some electric water heaters with a UEF of 0.96. While this water heater is easy to install, I still recommend getting a professional to do it for you. It requires a dedicated 240-volt system for it to run efficiently and safely.

Overall, I love the A.O. Smith ENS-50 ProMax because of its compact size and superior hot liquid output. I think it is the top-rated short 50-gallon electric water heater you can buy.

What We Like
  • 62-gallon first-hour rate for better energy consumption
  • CoreGard sacrificial anode technology for improved corrosion resistance
  • DynaClean diffuser dip tube technology for maximum output
  • Low-wattage rating for better energy savings
  • Smaller and more compact than other 50-gallon systems
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly lower energy-efficiency rating than other brands
  • Professional installation recommended

2. Rheem PROE50 T2 RH95 Water Heater

The PROE50 T2 RH95 is one of Rheem’s most energy-efficient electric-powered heaters today. This heater can provide your family with more significant cost savings than other electric-only water heating appliances. With its energy factor rating of 0.95, this product is perfect for a modern energy-conscious family of five.

If you want greater energy efficiency and cost savings, I suggest checking out the Rheem Performance Platinum 50 gallon electric water heater. This unit has an energy factor rating of at least 3.55, reducing your energy consumption by as much as $404 every year.

I am not saying this Rheem 50 gallon electric hot water heater is not energy-efficient. Its 0.95 UEF rating is still better than the 0.90 UEF of other brands. Moreover, it has an automatic thermostat that improves overall energy efficiency by adjusting your water temperature automatically.

It also has multiple quality certifications from top organizations, including UL, AHRI, ICC, ASHRAE, ANSI, and NAECA. You will sleep sounder knowing every component meets or exceeds global standards. That is one less worry for you.

I like its dip tube design because it ensures maximum supply. It also has an over-temperature protector and a dedicated junction box above the heating elements. The TPR valve is robust, too.

My only real concern is the product’s modest recovery rate of only 21 GPH. I have seen models with a recovery rate of up to 40 GPH. You may also need professional installation if you want a leak-free and electrically safe system.

The Rheem PROE50 T2 RH95 lives up to modern expectations. It is energy-efficient, durable, and works like a charm in giving your family the hot water you need.

What We Like
  • Higher energy efficiency rating than other electric water heaters
  • Advanced Everkleen dip tube for maximum output
  • Automatic thermostat for worry-free heater operation
  • Robust water heater components for superior durability
  • Multiple quality organization certifications for peace of mind
What We Don’t Like
  • Modest recovery rate
  • Professional installation recommended

3. Bradford White BWC RE350S6-1NCWW

Bradford White has been around since 1881 and you can expect nothing less than high-performance, high-quality water heaters for residential and commercial applications. One of the brand’s top-selling electric water heaters is the BWC RE35056-1NCWW.

This 50 gallon electric water heater Bradford White creation is a true masterpiece. This 50 gallon water heater blows away the competition by offering an astonishing 0.95 energy factor rating and a 67-gallon first-hour rating.

A couple of technological innovations contribute to this product’s remarkable water-heating performance.

It has the revolutionary HydroJect Total Performance System that minimizes sediment build-up and improves overall efficiency. This technology also guarantees a higher volume of heated water in the first hour of operation.

Lining the tank is an ingenious Vitraglas that also prevents corrosion better than other systems. The lining can also accommodate an unheard-of 1600-degree Fahrenheit water temperature.

I like the device’s unique magnesium rod that further improves the tank’s corrosion resistance. It also has non-CFC foam insulation, allowing it to retain heat longer and contribute to better energy efficiency.

I love the fully automatic controls that include a surface-mounted, fast-acting thermostat and a manual reset energy cutoff system. Operating this baby is as effortless as you would like your electric water heater to be.

All the electric water heater’s technological innovations combine for a higher price tag than most electric water heaters. I recommend getting a plumber and an electrician to install this unit in your home to optimize its water heating performance.

The Bradford White BWC RE35046-1NCWW is perfect for a family of four. Not only is it energy efficient. It can also provide your family with a sufficient hot water supply and fast.

What We Like
  • Higher first-hour rating and energy efficiency factor than other brands
  • HydroJet Total Performance System for superior sediment build up prevention
  • Innovative Vitraglas lining for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Advanced magnesium anode rod for enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Fully automatic controls for hassle-free operation
What We Don’t Like
  • Professional installation required
  • A bit expensive

4. AO Smith ENT-50T ProMax Water Heater

Many consumers love AO Smith ProMax electric water heaters because of their energy efficiency. These products can slash several hundred dollars off your annual electric bill, allowing you to use the savings for more worthwhile family activities. The ENT-50T ProMax is one such product.

This water heater does not offer fancy technologies that will wow you. However, it provides enough innovations to make your water heating adventures more meaningful.

These 50 gallon electric water heaters have a Dynaclean dip tube that not only provide a maximum output when needed. It also prevents sediment buildup and limescale formation, helping extend your heater’s service life. Its design eliminates the need for a softener and sediment pre-filter installation for extra savings.

I like the device’s 4500-watt heating element. It will never show on your electric bill. The heating element also ensures more consistent heating, improving the device’s overall energy efficiency.

You will love the brand’s addition of a CoreGard anode rod in this unit. It works well with the Dynaclean tube for improving corrosion resistance. There is no need to fuss about cleaning the tank, either. This product already features a self-cleaning module for effortless maintenance.

I am a bit surprised at the product’s price tag which is slightly higher than other similarly-spec’d electric water heaters. Its 62-gallon first-hour rate is also not the most suitable in the market.

Nevertheless, the A.O. Smith ENT-50T ProMax still makes our cut as an excellent electric water heater. It is efficient, durable, and can provide your family with significant cost savings.

What We Like
  • High energy efficiency rating for greater energy bill improvement
  • Low-wattage element for more efficient and consistent water heating
  • Advanced CoreGard anode rod for improved tank protection
  • Dynaclean diffuser dip tube for sediment and limescale formation prevention
  • Self-cleaning design for ease of maintenance
What We Don’t Like
  • Modest first-hour rate
  • Pricier than others

5. Reliance 9 50 EKRS Electric Water Heater

The 9 50 EKRS is Reliance’s 50 gallon water heater electric that is taking the market by storm. It has an efficient and consistent heating element and superior insulation for optimum water heating performance and cost savings.

These fifty gallon electric water heaters offer a pair of energy-efficient 4500-watt heating elements combined with its 3-inch thick non-CFC foam insulation. The unique design affords this unit an energy factor rating of 0.92. While it is not the best on the market, it is still higher than the 0.90 ratings of other electric water heaters.

I like the electronic thermostat’s design because it lasts longer than conventional electromechanical thermostats. You can rest easy knowing this unit will last you about a decade or more. Improving its durability is a self-cleaning PEX dip tube that prevents limescale and corrosion formation.

While I admire this electric water heater’s energy efficiency, I wish I could say the same about its first-hour and hot water recovery rates.

This unit can only recover 21 gallons of hot water per hour. It would not be sufficient if four people took a shower simultaneously. Its 62-gallon first-hour rating is also modest, which is still better than other electric water heaters.

Nevertheless, the Reliance 9 50 EKRS remains an excellent choice for families that want a reliable and durable water heating system. It is efficient enough to provide your family with the savings you need for a much-needed vacation.

What We Like
  • High energy-efficiency rating for better cost savings
  • Superior electronic thermostat for more outstanding durability
  • Dual heating elements for faster and more efficient heating
  • Thicker foam insulation for improved heat loss prevention
  • Shorter and more compact than other electric water heaters
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly lower recovery rating than other brands
  • Modest first-hour rating

6. AO Smith HPTU-50N Voltex Water Heater

Most families want the top-quality energy-saving electric water heater they can use. If that is your primary goal, I suggest getting this AO Smith 50-gallon electric water heater. This water heater features a revolutionary heat pump on top of its advanced electric water heating tank to give you better energy and cost savings.

Using this product will reduce your energy expenditure by as much as 73%. If you spend $800 annually on heating, this device will make you pay only $210 to $220 per year. That is impressive savings for your family.

Its 66-gallon first-hour rating is also better than what other brands can offer. Never again will you worry about running out of hot water if your family decides to use it simultaneously.

It would ease your mind knowing that the HPTU-50N is an Energy Star electric water heater 50 gallon device. It also has certifications from UL, NEEA, AHRI, and LEED to improve your confidence in the product.

Operating this device is easy because of its advanced user interface. The heater also comes with detailed diagnostics that let you zero in on the problem effortlessly.

Inside the water tank is a couple of advanced anti-corrosion technologies that extend its lifespan. I would not be surprised if this baby will serve your family for the next 15 years or so.

Because of the addition of a heat pump, expect this unit to be taller than other electric water heaters. It is also more expensive.

Other than these concerns, this product is a breeze to use and offers your family the most suitable energy and cost savings you can ever get.

What We Like
  • Superior energy efficiency for a maximum of 73% cost savings
  • Higher first-hour rating than other electric water heaters
  • Advanced user displays with advanced diagnostics for hassle-free troubleshooting
  • State-of-the-art anti-corrosion technologies for enhanced durability
  • Multiple certifications from reputable quality organizations
What We Don’t Like
  • Not a space-saver and budget-friendly

7. Reliance 9-50-EKRT100 Water Heater

The Reliance 9-50 EKRT100 is an energy-efficient and high-performance electric water heater 50 gallons system for the modern home. It has sufficient technological innovations to make it a reliable system for heating water in a four-person household.

This product has the same UEF rating as the Rheem PROE50 T2 RH95 at 0.95 UEF. However, it blasts the Rheem product in terms of first-hour rating. These 50 gallon electric water heaters can deliver an astonishing 79 gallons in the first hour. It is sufficient to let seven people have refreshing hot showers simultaneously.

The tank’s corrosion resistance is also noteworthy. It has an industry-standard glass lining and a self-cleaning dip tube for exceptional corrosion resistance. The dip tube also promotes maximum hot water output, which helps explain its impressive first-hour rating.

I am not too fond of this electric water heater’s 21-GPH hot water recovery rating. I expected it to provide at least 30 GPH or more, given its energy efficiency. It is also taller than other brands, making installation a bit tricky if you do not have sufficient vertical clearance.

However, installing it should still be hassle-free because of its lightweight characteristics. This system only weighs about 99 pounds, allowing one person to install the unit by himself. Its 9-year warranty is also three years longer than what other brands can provide.

Overall, the Reliance 9-50 EKRT is a worthy electric water heater to buy. It performs better than other water heaters despite lacking highly advanced water heating technologies.

What We Like
  • High energy factor rating for exceptional cost savings
  • Higher first-hour rating than other systems
  • Self-cleaning dip tube and glass-line tank for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight design for easy installation
  • 9-year warranty on tanks and parts
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit taller than other electric water heater systems
  • Modest recovery rating

Outdated Products

AO Smith HPTU-50 Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pump (Outdated)

The A.O. Smith HPTU-50 is a heater not that different from the previous product. It is a 50 gal electric hot water heater that combines a heat pump’s cost efficiency with an electric unit’s remarkable performance.

Imagine having this unit in your home, supplying continuous hot water for the entire family. You can save as much as 73% of your energy expenditure with this device’s heat pump. If you have visitors needing an increased supply, you can flip the switch to activate its electric heating mechanism.

Even with electricity running this heater, it will still have a much lower power consumption than dedicated electric water heaters. It has an Energy Star certification to give you peace of mind. Its dual voltage design is also a welcome feature.

For a worry-free operation, you can set it to Hybrid mode. Are you going on an extended vacation? No problem. This unit also has a Vacation mode to take care of business while you are away. You can still enjoy hot showers when you return.

Like the HPTU-50N, this unit has remarkable anti-corrosion properties. Maintaining it should be a breeze. You can bet this water heater will continue serving your family for at least a decade.

However, I would not say I like its small electronic display. It makes reading the settings a bit difficult for people with visual problems. The unit is heavy, too. You need a pair of extra helping hands to get this baby in your house.

Overall, the A.O. Smith HPTU-50 Voltex water heater remains an excellent choice for any family that wants optimum savings. It is worry-free to operate and does a splendid job providing your family with a sufficient hot water supply.

What We Like
  • Four operating modes for exceptional energy and cost savings
  • Reduces up to 73% energy costs
  • Energy Star certification for peace of mind
  • Dual-voltage design for enhanced versatility
  • Superior corrosion resistance for tank durability
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavier than expected
  • Smallish electronic display

Rheem-Ruud ES50-18-G Commercial Electric Water Heater (Outdated)

Edwin Rudd invented the very first automatic gas water heater in 1889. It should not surprise you one bit if Rheem decided to integrate some of Ruud’s principles in designing this Rheem 50 gallon electric water heater.

The Rheem 50 gal electric water heater ES50-18-G is a commercial heater that can also fit in many modern households. Its most appealing feature is its low height.

You can imagine a commercial unit to be at least five feet tall. This product only comes with a height of 43 and 5/8 inches. You should be able to install it almost anywhere in your house.

These 50 gallon electric water heaters come with a multiphasic design, allowing for a single-phase or a three-phase system, depending on your needs. Its 18,000-watt heating element can heat the water in less time than any other electric water heater. Another good news is that it will not put a dent in your electric bill.

Its hot water recovery rating is also commendable. This product can give you 83 gallons of 90-degree water every hour. If you need 110-degree water, you can expect its recovery rate to be still better than other products at 68 GPH.

As for its performance and quality, this unit provides UL, ASHRAE, and NSF certifications to put your mind at ease.

While this electric water heater is short, it requires more floor space than other brands. It also tends to be priced higher than others. Given its commercial design, I am not surprised.

The Rheem-Ruud ES50-18-G is an exciting electric water heater designed for commercial use. However, its efficiency and water-heating performance are significant for modern homes to take advantage of.

What We Like
  • Multiphasic design for enhanced versatility
  • Powerful heating elements for faster and more consistent water heating
  • Higher hot water recovery rate than other 50 gallon electric water heaters
  • UL and NSF certification for peace of mind
  • Lower vertical clearance requirements than other brands
What We Don’t Like
  • Wider than other brands
  • Pricier than other electric water heaters

Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall Electric Water Heater (Outdated)

With an energy-efficiency rating of 0.90 to 0.94, the Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall is one of the top-tier fifty-gallon electric water heaters you can buy. It offers exceptional durability and superior cost-savings for the modern household.

This Rheem electric water heater 50 gallon unit features one of the most trusted insulation systems on the market. It allows you to enjoy a longer-lasting hot liquid that can reduce your energy expenditure. Heat your water today, and you will still enjoy a warm shower tomorrow.

Using these water heaters will only cost you about $500 in your energy expenditures every year. Some systems do worse, costing you about $800 to $1,000 annually.

The Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall unit’s 61-gallon first-hour rating is also commendable, enabling you to enjoy fun activities with your family.

The tank’s construction also gives the heater cost savings in the long term. Thanks to the polybutene tank, it resists corrosion better than other systems, extending its service life by a few years.

While this water heater is more than five feet tall, it is still a breeze to install. It has a brass drain valve that is easier to work with than plastic components.

I appreciate its energy factor and first-hour rating. I only wish the company also improved its 20-GPH recovery rate. Some systems can deliver up to 40 GPH. A few customers also complained about the cold-water air intake check valve’s durability. Worry not, as it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Overall, the Rheem MR50245 Marathon Tall heater remains an excellent choice for those who want a cost-effective water heater. It provides enough hot water for a family of five without ever breaking the bank.

What We Like
  • Energy-efficient design for more significant cost savings
  • Corrosion-resistant tank construction for superior durability
  • Robust insulation for improved energy efficiency
  • 61-gallon first-hour rating for optimum consumption
  • Easy to install
What We Don’t Like
  • Lower recovery rate than other systems
  • A few complaints about the air check valve

What Is The 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater/ Who Is This For


The top-tier 50 gallon electric water heating system uses electricity to heat an element that raises the temperature to the desired level.

Electric hot water heaters are suitable for households with three bathrooms or those with a washing machine and a pair of baths. In general, a person uses about 10 gallons of warm water during a shower. Dishwashers can use about 10 gallons and washing machines need 20 or so gallons.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater

The best 50 gallon electric water heaters offer the following advantages.

  • These electric water heaters are ideal for small families, ranging from four to five members.
  • They are cheaper to buy upfront than gas water heaters while also lowering installation costs.
  • Heaters that use electricity are easier and faster to install and maintain than gas water heaters. A gas heater requires complicated ductwork to vent gas safely.
  • Electric-powered water heaters are friendlier to the environment than gas heaters because they do not emit noxious gases into the atmosphere. A gas water heater is not eco-friendly.

Fifty gallon electric water heaters can also have the following disadvantages.

  • They take more time to heat than gas water heaters.
  • A gas heater costs less to operate, giving electric appliances higher operating costs.
  • Electric devices will not run in case of a power outage. Gas water heaters do not have such problems.

50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Buying Guide


Buying the best 50 gallon electric heating system for your family’s water supply requires looking at several factors.

  • Energy Factor

Ideally, you will want electric water heaters 50 gal units with a higher Uniform Energy Factor or UEF. This number gives you an idea of the product’s overall energy efficiency. Many people consider a UEF of 0.90 to be sufficient. However, it would be better to get a product with an energy efficiency rating close to 1.0.

You can see electric water heaters with a UEF of 3.4 to 3.9. These products are hybrids, allowing you to operate an energy-efficient heat pump that utilizes warm air from the external environment.

  • First-hour Rating

Water heaters have a maximum draw equivalent to 70 percent of their tank capacity. The figure accounts for the simultaneous cold-water inflow and hot-water outflow. As such, if you have the most trusted 50 gallon electric heater mated to your plumbing system, you can expect its draw capacity to be only 35 gallons.

Thirty-five gallons is barely sufficient for the whole family. That is why you should look at the system’s first-hour rating. It provides you a good idea of the appliance’s ability to deliver hot water for a full hour.

We recommend getting a product with a high FHR. For example, you can pick an appliance with a 70-gallon FHR instead of a 60-gallon FHR product.

  • Recovery Rate

Every time you have a hot shower or run the dishwasher, your appliance dispenses hot water. It also needs to replenish the fluids delivered to your fixtures by running cool water into the tank and heating it.

It may take a while for the system to provide you with sufficient hot water because of mixing cold and hot liquid in the tank. That is why you must check the product’s recovery rate, expressed in gallons per hour.

A product’s recovery rating paints a picture of how much hot water you can expect it to provide you every hour of continuous use. Like the first-hour rating, it would be in your best interest to choose a product with a high recovery rate.

  • Installation

While electric heaters are easier to install than gas units, some brands do require professional installation. They may provide such a requirement to secure the warranty, while others may only want the top-tier installation for their clients.

  • Warranty

The top-rated 50 gallon heaters come with a minimum of six-year warranty. The more extended the warranty, the more confident you are about the product’s quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost of a 50 gallon electric hot water heater?

The average 50-gallon electric water heater costs $500, although prices vary across brands and models. A similarly-sized electric tankless water heater can set you back by $1,200 to $3,500.

Although electric water heaters seem cheap, they are more expensive to operate than gas-powered units. Electric products consume about 1125 to 4000 watts each year, while gas ones only use about 214 to 230 therms annually. In the US, natural gas costs 92 cents per therm. Meanwhile, electricity costs 16.7 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Suppose you use the 4500-watt A.O. Smith Signature Lowboy electric water heater for only three hours daily. In that case, you will consume 13.5 kWh daily or 4,927.5 kWh annually. This electric consumption translates to $822.90 yearly.

If we have a high efficiency gas water heater that uses only 215 therms annually, you can expect to pay only $197.80 yearly. Even the highest-rated electric unit cannot match a gas-powered heater’s long-term cost-effectiveness.

Are new 50 gallon electric water heaters more efficient?

Yes, new 50-gallon electric water heaters are more efficient than products of yesteryear. As pointed out by Consumer Reports, new water heaters of 55-gallon and below are four percent more efficient than earlier iterations.

However, experts agree that the heater’s capacity does not necessarily affect its efficiency. You might think a 40 gallon electric hot water heater is more energy-efficient than a 50-gallon unit, but that is not always the case.

Homeowners must look at the electric water heater’s UEF rating to determine which is more efficient. For example, a 50-gallon electric water heater with a 0.95 UEF rating is more efficient than a 0.75-rated 40-gallon model.

Is a 50 gallon electric water heater enough for a family of 4?

Yes, a 50-gallon electric water heater is enough for a family of four. However, this water heater’s adequacy depends on the household’s peak hot water consumption in an hour.

Let us assume all four family members shower for 10 minutes and use about two gallons per minute (total = 20 gallons each). If they shower successively, the family will consume 80 gallons in around 40 minutes.

Suppose the electric water heater has a first-hour rating of 70 gallons. In that case, this water-heating system may not be sufficient to meet the family’s hot water demands.

Minimizing hot water usage during showers (i.e., use hot water intermittently) can help make the 50-gallon water heater sufficient to meet the four-member family’s needs.

Is Rheem or Bradford White better?

If we compare water heaters from Rheem and Bradford White, the former will come out on top among ordinary homeowners due to their affordability. Meanwhile, professional plumbers pick Bradford White because of its centuries-old dedication to only the highest possible quality.

Therefore, determining whether Rheem or Bradford White is a better option requires detailed comparisons between the two brands.

Bradford White predates Rheem by 44 years, having been established in 1881. Professionals revere Bradford White’s unconditional commitment to energy-efficient, durable, and safe water heaters. The brand’s tagline, “Built to be the Best,” answers the question, which brand of water heater is the most reliable?”

In addition, Bradford White offers many revolutionary electric water heater technologies, including ICON Intelligent Control millivolt technology, Vitraglas enamel lining, and HydroJet Total Performance System.

Not to be outdone, Rheem also has several technologies up its sleeve. Homeowners love the EcoNet Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also more affordable, allowing Rheem to enjoy higher electric water heaters ratings than Bradford White among budget-conscious homeowners.

As for their warranties, both brands cover their electric water heaters for six to ten years. However, Rheem ups the ante by offering a 12 year warranty on its hot water cylinder.

What are the most trusted 50 gallon electric water heater brands?

AO Smith and Rheem are neck and neck when it comes to reliable, high-performance, and energy-efficient 50 gallon heaters. It is not surprising these brands are two of the most trusted on the market. Other noteworthy most trusted 50 gallon electric heater brands include Bradford White and Reliance.

Is AO Smith better than Rheem?

Rheem relies on its 95-year tradition of excellence to offer you a wide range of heating technologies. Their products are also more readily available.

On the other hand, A.O. Smith hinges on its ingenuity to wow its customers. The brand was the first to introduce glass-lined tanks in the mid-20th century. It is also famous for its exceptional customer service, a trait you can read in one electric hot water heater review after another.

Comparing both brands’ 50-gallon water heater offerings, we can say that AO Smith HPTU-50N Voltex edges Rheem PROE50 T2 RH95 in terms of Unified Energy Factor (UEF) rating (3.42 vs. 0.95).

How long should a 50 gallon electric water heater last?

Check your owner’s. Your unit should last between eight and twelve years, depending on how much care you put into its maintenance and the type of water that it heats. A high water-hardness level can shorten your water heater’s lifespan.

How long does it take a 50-gallon electric water heater to heat up?

It depends on the cold-water temperature, the water heater’s power rating, and the desired temperature.

Suppose you have a 5,500-watt water heater, and you want to heat the 60-degree Fahrenheit water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In that case, your 50-gallon water heater can take 80 minutes to heat the water to your preferred temperature.

If the temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a similar water heater setup can take about 110 minutes to complete. A 70-degree Fahrenheit temperature can reach 120 degrees in about 66 minutes.

How to care & clean?

Caring for 50 gallon water heaters requires regular cleaning and maintenance, including draining and replacing the tank’s contents.

You may also need to check the fittings and valves, such as the drain valve and the TPR valve. If you do not know anything about electricity, having an electrician check on your electrical connections can safeguard your investment. He may have to check the anode rod if it is time for a replacement.

Clean the tank’s exterior regularly. Dirt and dust can accumulate on surfaces and can lead to corrosion or damage. Keep your water heater’s surroundings free of clutter, making it easier for you to notice any problems.


The best 50 gallon electric water heater lets you enjoy better energy savings than a conventional gas system. It is friendlier to the environment, more straightforward to install, and worry-free to maintain. Above all, it can bring more enjoyable showers and more efficient washings for your family of five.

If you think these electric water heaters we reviewed and featured in this article do not measure up to your expectations, we hope our comprehensive buying guide helped show you the way.

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