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How Does the PUR Water Filter Light Work? (Explained)

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges


PUR is among the prominent water filter brands that incorporate a light-switching system across its products, allowing homeowners to enjoy potable water continuously.

But how does the PUR water filter light work? It tracks the filter usage and automatically notifies homeowners if the filter is nearing the end of its lifespan by flashing the indicator light yellow. Once this light turns red, the filter is no longer usable.

Let us unravel PUR water filter light meaning and the best practices to do if you encounter a problem.

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What Does Each LED Light Indicator Color Mean?


1. Green Color


A green light flashing in PUR water filter models indicates that your filter is ready to serve you fresh-tasting water. Simply put, it informs you that the filter is working appropriately and will continue to process clean and safe water for your family.

Generally, the green light flashes six times as you begin using it for the first time. If not, the problem might be an improper installation or a damaged filter.

A green light also becomes visible after a successful replacement. It is normal to see it blinking sometimes every time you dispense water, so don’t be alarmed.

As long as you see this color glowing on the filter, it doesn’t need to be replaced yet. However, after some time, the light will automatically deactivate to conserve energy; but as long as it doesn’t turn yellow or red, it’s still good to go.

2. Yellow Color


If you notice a flashing yellow light, it suggests that your filter is still working accordingly but may need a replacement soon. Or, to be more specific, when the notification light turn yellow, you only have around two months or 150 gallons of water remaining.

The PUR water filter yellow light alert should give you ample time to purchase a new filter cartridge and have it ready once the current one has run its course. Be sure to get a new one before this threshold, or else you’re at risk of bacterial diseases associated with a clogged filter.

3. Red Color


A blinking red light means your filter’s capacity has run out and no longer purifies the water. You need to replace it with new filter immediately, as the mold inside will begin to grow and rot the filter media, leading to contaminated water.

Although it is quite a bit of trouble to buy replacement filters now continuously and then, it is a better option than reusing an old filter that could compromise your family’s well-being.

How does the light-switching system operate?

The PUR light system works in the same manner as the notification light of our smartphones. Your water filter change indicator color throughout its service life according to the status of the filter.

This indicator light uses advanced sensors that assess the replacement rate by measuring how many gallons of drinking water have been filtered.

How to Reset the PUR Water Filter?

Resetting a water filter may be daunting at first, especially when it’s your first time doing a replacement. So here’s our beginner-friendly step-by-step guide you can follow to help you reset your PUR filter easily :

For PUR faucet filters


1. Uninstall the faucet filtration system from the faucet by turning it clockwise
2. Twist off the rear cover of the housing to uncase the filter
3. Grasp the filter and take it out of the system; you should see a reset button at the bottom corner of the housing
4. Press the reset button and hold it until the button pops back up
6. Insert the filter back inside the housing and mount it back to the faucet.
7. Wait until the green light flashes and your faucet filter is ready.

For Pitcher/Dispenser filters


1. Locate the reset button at the top of the pitcher/dispenser
2. Push and hold the button for 5-15 seconds
3. Release once you see the light flashes green.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PUR the water filter has LED lights?

LED lights are built to measure the remaining time you can use the filter. Each color indicates how much filtration capacity has been exhausted and thus informs you what to do next.

Why is my PUR water filter not lit?

A dirty/clogged filter and incorrect installations are two of the most known problems why you’re having issues with your PUR filter light, but here are the other common reasons we tend to overlook sometimes :

  • Your PUR filter is in sleep mode

If the filter’s light is not working, it might have gone to sleep mode. To reset the PUR filter light, push the reset button until the green light is visible.

  • Depleted Battery

Generally, the filter change light’s battery can last for approximately 1-3 years. After serving within this timeframe, you might notice your filter light slowly losing its brightness until it finally stops working.

Check this guide to know 3 easy ways to unclog a PUR water filter.

I changed my PUR filter still red light appears. What could be the problem?

If your PUR filter still flashing red after replacement, it could be due to the following issues :

  • Debris stuck in the filter housing/compartment: Newly bought filters often produce carbon granules from the manufacturing process that can cause cloudiness in your “filtered” water. Hence, your system may mistake this for a worn-out one.

That’s why it’s best to flush the new filter out before using it for the first time.

  • Improper installation: Your PUR filter red light stays on even after filter change because of an installation error.

Remove the filter and reinstall it. Make sure that the filter canister is properly seated in place. An under-tightened/over-tightened filter can’t process and treat water effectively.

  • Damaged filter: Inspect the filter components for cracks. Check if the O-rings are damaged or missing.

If the product is defective or incomplete, you must reach PUR’s customer support team to request a replacement.

Where is the PUR water filter reset button?

For faucet models, you can find it in the lower right corner of the filter housing. On the other hand, the pitcher model’s reset button is located at the top cover of the pitcher alongside the electronic lights.

Are most refrigerator water filter indicators the same as PUR filter indicators?

A PUR filter’s light functions the same as other brands, except the latter uses orange light instead of yellow to notify the users that the filter needs to be replaced soon.

Why are PUR water filters unavailable on their website?

If you see an out-of-stock notice for some replacement filters, it may be because PUR doesn’t have inventory available for them at the moment. You can directly call their customer support hotline for general inquiries.


PUR water filter brand has proven its worth as a valuable companion in every modern household through its smart-lighting system.

After reading this comprehensive guide, “how does the PUR water filter light work?”, it will be much easier to determine when to change your filter.

Always follow the essential steps to reset the system to run a hassle-free PUR filtration system.

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