Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Report Water Waste

Report Water Waste at www.SaveWater.ca.gov

Visit the new State of California website www.savewater.ca.gov to report water waste anywhere in the state. Have you spotted water waste at a state facility? See below on how to report to the state.

Report Water Waste to Your Local Water Agency

Your local water agency is your best resource for reporting water waste. Many agencies have water waste email addresses, hotlines and even smartphone apps!

Search for your agency by address

Report Water Waste at State Facilities

Become a “Water Watcher” today!

All state agencies have been directed to immediately reduce their water use and a moratorium has been placed on new, non-essential landscaping projects at state facilities and on state highways and roads.

Please join us by becoming a “water watcher” by keeping an eye out to ensure that water is being used effectively at state facilities.

Just like at your home, sometimes government facilities have a broken sprinkler or are watering the concrete instead of greenery without being aware of the problem. If you see water being wasted at a state facility, please fill out the form below to alert state managers to the issue.

Please note: The “water watcher” email form applies to state-owned properties ONLY. If you are reporting inefficient watering at a locally-owned business, local park, private residence, or another non state-owned property, please contact your local water district. If you are reporting inefficient water use at city-owned or county-owned properties, please contact either city hall or the board of supervisors respectively.

Thanks for your help!